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ieedee offers you a tool with which you can create your own unique identity with just a few clicks. Your digital identity which consist of everything you wish others to take part in.

Your unique ID on your unique ID page.

Your links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Picasa, Google+, YouTube, Wordpress, Xbox and even more to come are established with just two clicks.

You can even choose to link cuztomized URLs to your ieedee and upload your own icons. Maybe promoting your website, blogg or company.

All links are handled through their respective API, which means that we will never ask for your username or password for any of your social media sites. We act solely as a bridge between you and the world.

Did we mention that our services are free of charge?

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ieedee is not a search engine, resulting in 1000+ results for somebody looking just for YOU. By signing up, you will get a unique ieedee number and URL which links you to the rest of the world.

You can even choose to base your ieedee number on your phone number, making it easier and smoother to remember and share with friends, family, and colleagues. You can share it in a job application and show that you mean business.


Once you've signed up. You can navigate to the Connect page. Here you manage all links on your ieedee. Linking a social media site to your ieedee could not be any simpler.

Just click on the Connect button and you will be redirected to that social media site's pop-up window to approve our ieedee app. That's it! The social media icon on your ieedee is now linked to your unique page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.



ieedee offers you a variety ways of sharing your ieedee. You can invite friends, followers and connections from the major social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand your ieedee network with just a click.

We also offer you various unique pre-generated HTML code (iFrames, Object TAGs, icon images only) which you only need to copy and paste in your website, letting your visitors interact with your ieedee directly from your internet portal. So you no longer have to copy and paste code for each of your links which you wish to share on your website.

HTML code example, icons only

Privacy control

ieedee also offers you a privacy control panel, letting you decide what others are able to see. Having a strict private ieedee, means your information is hidden and your links are broken.

However, even with a private ieedee, you are offered to generate an access key which you can share only with the ones you want to have full view of your profile.

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